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Learning to Spin

18 Jul

On my journey of learning crochet, pattern writing and the world of wool I came across spinning your own. It looked relaxing and something that would be fun to do on the nights where I had some spare time to relax and watch some tv.

My hands don’t like to stop moving so spinning and tv watching looked perfect. Plus I would have something productive at the end.

As with most new skills I have learnt, they have come through trial, error, and a shed load of youtube how to videos. So spindle in hand I set forth into the world of spinning.

The glossary of terms can seem daunting at first, with roving and fibres and which way round the long and short hairs go.

My first attempt I sat down and got to it, excited to be doing something new. My wool broke, I reattached it. I spun too tight and I spun too loose. I made it two ply and again I over spun, underspun went clockwise instead of anti clockwise and then I then set the wool in water without using a soaping agent.

When dry I used some turmeric and white vinegar mixed with water to dye this wool and again set it to dry.


The end result? Well it is wool. It stayed in one piece and it gave me hope for what practice would result in! plus with the amount I had, I made a fancy new coat for my cat!


All this taught me that although you can learn a hell of a lot from youtube and the internet, there is no substitute for hands on practice from experienced people.

That’s what lead me to find – East Sussex Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers. I arrived as a guest with my three month old strapped to my chest to a community hall and on very first impressions I admit I texted my husband to come back as I would  not be staying long.

How wrong could I have been? Instantly I had offers of help and friendly conversation. I was introduced around and left in the hands of a lovely lady called Sandy – Part of me thinks she might be a bit of a rebel in the group, she was impressed I was so happy to breastfeed in public and wished people would have been so accepting when she were younger, we got told off for chatting too loudly during a show and tell section and best of all, she taught us how to ply wool, how to use a spinning wheel and offered to have me and another lady round to hers to learn for another day. Nothing was too much for her offering help. Even to borrow a spinning wheel for half a year. It is rare that you find such a group of genuine people who share a love of a craft and want to share that love, not covet it and keep it as a “Just us” group.

Another lady was more than happy to sit with my son and hold him whilst I tried out the wheel which was a massive help! What turned into expecting to stay for ten mins turned into staying until the end of the day.

I returned home with a renewed confidence knowing that the fourth attempt I had taken with me to show, was spun nicely and was a huge improvement. If I can improve that much in only three attempts, I am excited for what I can produce going forward!

And my wool that I took to show? This is how it turned out. I think it is due to make a nice basket to hold projects on the go in.


So don’t be afraid to look into local groups or knitting groups, if they aren’t a welcoming bunch then I don’t think they can call themselves wool lovers!



37 Hours to go

9 Jun

The time is now really ticking down and with the second backer on board we are a step closer to seeing the kickstarter a success.

I’ve learnt a lot over the last month of taking clearer photos and getting more of a sense of self across with each design. I am not a corporation. I am a single person creating designs from my mind. Taking influence from the things I love and the place I live.

There are so many new designs floating around my head that I want to do that is why I would love to have a single place to list them all. I’ve tried etsy before but find myself losing interest as you have to fight so hard being directly compared to others that everything starts looking the same.

So if you love crochet and all things geek and nature then why not get on board early and be in the know for new designs and choose some great levels of support, each giving you plenty for your support.

You can also have a sneak peak of a few ideas from one page in the growing pile of thoughts. With more from the seven deadly sins dolls, a brave deer knight, a second Horizon Zero Dawn robot and much much more.

Please have a look at the kickstarter and I will see you over there! It would be great to have more on board to share the love of crochet and begin the next year on an exciting footing.

A weekend of makes!

20 May

I’ve been busy this weekend and created a delightful little squirrel. He’s simple and can be altered with lots of different colour combos!

With that in mind and all this pattern creations, if we reach the kickstart target everyone pledging £15 and above will receive a bonus  soft creation sent straight to them. No waiting months for something to be made, a completely surprise post!

Here is the squirrel making friends with my little storm trooper.


In other news I have also got a new parcel of wools ordered so expect some new designs featuring colours outside my usual makes!!

Keep on patterning

15 May

IMG_3154Monday’s can be lacking in motivation but after a productive weekend I set to a small project whilst I plan my next big creation.

From starting this guy I thought I had a plan. But that’s the thing about plans, sometimes you have to adapt to them. A shape doesn’t look how you planned so you either start again or just go with the flow.

and so here we are! With arms long enough to cuddle up warm or long enough to reach the highest shelf, he will never be short of affection or a hug when he needs it most. IMG_3149

If you want to know how he’s made or any other patterns that are on their way then please, check out my Kickstarter. I’m looking to fund a website set up to create a one stop shop for access to my on going projects and free patterns.

The first pledge has been made so why not join them and receive some awesome things as a thank you!

A few more patterns

12 May

A small update for today and its to showcase a few more images of patterns that will be made available for free if I make my Kickstarter goal and get my website up and running.

Like what you see then please help and donate. You get some great goodies with each goal. So please, check out the project and if you don’t like crochet yourself please let anyone you know who does enjoy some geeky crochet goodness know about it to share the love!


Want crochet patterns?

12 May

I’m still working hard on new crochet creations and trying to get better at taking photos so I can do more photo tutorials in the pattern instructions.

But being on maternity leave it’s taking time to build funds for a one stop shop website to keep track of all the patterns and more easily offer them up for free! Yes free!

So I’ve turned to kickstarter with a humble and I hope achievable target. And with that in mind if you love free patterns and all things geek then please head over to the link and pledge now.

I have so many patterns on my to do list I am excited for all that is to come!

So again if you love crochet and geeky creations the  pledge now. Any amount helps! The first load of free patterns include the stalk and sweet boy from Saga comic, a large complex saw tooth from Horizon Zero dawn and more!