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37 Hours to go

9 Jun

The time is now really ticking down and with the second backer on board we are a step closer to seeing the kickstarter a success.

I’ve learnt a lot over the last month of taking clearer photos and getting more of a sense of self across with each design. I am not a corporation. I am a single person creating designs from my mind. Taking influence from the things I love and the place I live.

There are so many new designs floating around my head that I want to do that is why I would love to have a single place to list them all. I’ve tried etsy before but find myself losing interest as you have to fight so hard being directly compared to others that everything starts looking the same.

So if you love crochet and all things geek and nature then why not get on board early and be in the know for new designs and choose some great levels of support, each giving you plenty for your support.

You can also have a sneak peak of a few ideas from one page in the growing pile of thoughts. With more from the seven deadly sins dolls, a brave deer knight, a second Horizon Zero Dawn robot and much much more.

Please have a look at the kickstarter and I will see you over there! It would be great to have more on board to share the love of crochet and begin the next year on an exciting footing.


A weekend of makes!

20 May

I’ve been busy this weekend and created a delightful little squirrel. He’s simple and can be altered with lots of different colour combos!

With that in mind and all this pattern creations, if we reach the kickstart target everyone pledging £15 and above will receive a bonus  soft creation sent straight to them. No waiting months for something to be made, a completely surprise post!

Here is the squirrel making friends with my little storm trooper.


In other news I have also got a new parcel of wools ordered so expect some new designs featuring colours outside my usual makes!!

A few more patterns

12 May

A small update for today and its to showcase a few more images of patterns that will be made available for free if I make my Kickstarter goal and get my website up and running.

Like what you see then please help and donate. You get some great goodies with each goal. So please, check out the project and if you don’t like crochet yourself please let anyone you know who does enjoy some geeky crochet goodness know about it to share the love!


Want crochet patterns?

12 May

I’m still working hard on new crochet creations and trying to get better at taking photos so I can do more photo tutorials in the pattern instructions.

But being on maternity leave it’s taking time to build funds for a one stop shop website to keep track of all the patterns and more easily offer them up for free! Yes free!

So I’ve turned to kickstarter with a humble and I hope achievable target. And with that in mind if you love free patterns and all things geek then please head over to the link and pledge now.

I have so many patterns on my to do list I am excited for all that is to come!

So again if you love crochet and geeky creations the  pledge now. Any amount helps! The first load of free patterns include the stalk and sweet boy from Saga comic, a large complex saw tooth from Horizon Zero dawn and more!



Patreon and Patterns

19 Apr

I have been busy this week creating pattterns for smaller items to give my mind a rest from too much hard work. You’ve seen the Grey Dwarves and I now have an army of small chickens!


All this has lead me to Patreon as a way of hopefully getting into direct contact with people and finding out what they actually want to see made and then creating patterns from there.

It’s an exciting experiment and if you want to see more of what I am creating and be part of the process then please, check me out and pledge. Even the smallest amount helps! You will have my utmost gratitude and happy thoughts for helping and maybe together we can travel a world of crochet creations.

Ronja The Robbers Daughter Crochet

16 Apr

Two months ago now I shut up shop at work to start my maternity leave. Three weeks in an a growth scan showed possible issues and thus bagan a two day whirlwind failed induction and emergency c section. It was painful and the recovery first week is one of the hardest things I have ever done and where I have never felt more vulnerable.

But three weeks later with a well settled baby and toddler who adores her little brother I am back on keeping my hand in the working world. It really is amazing how much you can now do Sat on the sofa baby asleep and working on your phone. Like now.

During this time I have also started working on more crochet patterns. Three new ones are being written up this week featuring a Sawtooth from Horizon Zero Dawn, a Grey Dwarf from Ronja The Robbers Daughter and the third will be announced soon.

The patterns are available as a pay what you feel system. Send payment of your choice to staying which pattern you want and which email you want it sent to and receive normally within a day. All monies are being saved currently to set up an official website where I can start offering quicker access to more patterns and free tutorials.

If you don’t know what a grey dwarf is then please, check out Ronja The Robbers Daughter on Amazon prime. Their original series in collaboration with studio ghibli Which is beautiful in both its visuals and story telling.

You want these bands of Robbers to succeed and thrive as their unconventional family living introduces you to strong bonds and friendships that last the test of time and adversity.

Horizon Zero Dawn is an awesome new game on the PS4 from Guerrila Games and I am in love with the robot dinosaurs and creatures! They offer a chance to really think through crochet patterns and shapes. The sawtooth pattern may look complicated but it is full of simple shapes that if you work through step by step will all come together at the sewing stage!