Ronja The Robbers Daughter Crochet

16 Apr

Two months ago now I shut up shop at work to start my maternity leave. Three weeks in an a growth scan showed possible issues and thus bagan a two day whirlwind failed induction and emergency c section. It was painful and the recovery first week is one of the hardest things I have ever done and where I have never felt more vulnerable.

But three weeks later with a well settled baby and toddler who adores her little brother I am back on keeping my hand in the working world. It really is amazing how much you can now do Sat on the sofa baby asleep and working on your phone. Like now.

During this time I have also started working on more crochet patterns. Three new ones are being written up this week featuring a Sawtooth from Horizon Zero Dawn, a Grey Dwarf from Ronja The Robbers Daughter and the third will be announced soon.

The patterns are available as a pay what you feel system. Send payment of your choice to staying which pattern you want and which email you want it sent to and receive normally within a day. All monies are being saved currently to set up an official website where I can start offering quicker access to more patterns and free tutorials.

If you don’t know what a grey dwarf is then please, check out Ronja The Robbers Daughter on Amazon prime. Their original series in collaboration with studio ghibli Which is beautiful in both its visuals and story telling.

You want these bands of Robbers to succeed and thrive as their unconventional family living introduces you to strong bonds and friendships that last the test of time and adversity.

Horizon Zero Dawn is an awesome new game on the PS4 from Guerrila Games and I am in love with the robot dinosaurs and creatures! They offer a chance to really think through crochet patterns and shapes. The sawtooth pattern may look complicated but it is full of simple shapes that if you work through step by step will all come together at the sewing stage!

Strange creatures live in the Sea

1 Mar

After completing my Dragon Headed Caterpillar (The pattern for him can be found here- I moved onto the ocean. I am limited in my wool colours for the moment so am finding ones which fit what I have.

I thought I wouldn’t find much for bright pink in the sea but how wrong I was!

Enter the Axolotl – Mexican walking fish. Cute and bright pink I cant find anything not to like about this little guy. And so began the pattern drafting, working out which shapes were needed and working through the pattern and remembering to write it all down before I got ahead of myself. This doesn’t always happen when I am excited to create a new pattern!

He’s another small one measuring about 12cm head to tail. Keep your eyes open for the pattern available soon! I may even work him up a little Mexican sombrero to go with his name 🙂

Dragon Headed Caterpillar

22 Feb

So I love some crazy animals and what nature can throw at us and this next guy was too cute to pass up. I still have not looked up what type of moth/butterfly it turns into but love some Dragon Headed Caterpillar action with their horns and frills!

The pattern for this guy was a little tough to work out as I worked out all the different components, the head, body, legs, tail and side frills. He is small but that means you can make more of them in less time!

He fits perfectly in my two year olds hand and she loves to snuggle him whilst having her bed time milk. The body took a few different attempts as I wanted it to undulate as a way of showing a bit of moment.

All in all about 8 hours were taken to create, write up and photo the final product. Now I am going to make more in different colours to have a small army whilst I think of what other amazing and weird creature to create next.

As always if you would like to purchase the pattern, please email or send a payment of your choice to the same email address stating which pattern you would like and which email you would like the PDF sent to.

If you also have a strange creature you would like to see made, drop me a message and I will have a look!img_2141

Move over Sarah & Duck, Flamingo is where it’s at

10 Feb

My daughter may only be two but she already shows preferences for things she likes. Bedtime will consist of watching one episode of Hey Duggee before teeth brushing and bed time story.

We will also sometimes be asked for Duck, which is Sarah and Duck. Holly which we have learnt is Ben and Holly. I have no idea where she has learnt about this one as it is not something I have ever seen on tv.

Whilst these are on some of the characters appeal to me. Sarah and Duck have some delightfully weird characters but I have to say along with Plate Girl, my other favourite is Flamingo. So I settled down in the evenings to write up a pattern to make my own crochet Flamingo.

With pipe cleaners in his legs and head, he is sturdy yet has a bit of bend to him, allowing him to sit down when the legs are flattened out.

He took a good few hours to work out how he would all fit together, what sizes all the components needed to be to work together. But they were all worth it when he got a big cuddle from my daughter – “Love Mingo”

Pattern is now available in word written and excel colour coded diagrams as part of my pay what you feel yearly challenge.

Payment to stating which crochet pattern you would like and receiving email address. Follow up support available if you get stuck or confused at any point in the pattern.

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Giraffe in a Scarf

3 Feb

Hi there!

So I said this year I will be posting items I create as a pay what you feel opportunity.

The first item being featured is a one off giraffe in a scarf necklace. I love this cosy warm little guy who is based on a larger A3 image I have drawn.

A little about him.

The pendant has been created by hand drawing the image onto shrink plastic. It was drawn about 10cm by 15cm large with the knowledge it would shrink down to roughly half that size. Pens used are ceramic pens which I find are the best tool for this type of work. Permanent markers can risk colour bleeds and smudging after the heat process and before applying the sealant coating.

How do creators cost up? When looking at costings and why it is so difficult is in the value of your time creating.

The base costs of creating this necklace lay in materials –

Shrink plastic £1 a sheet

Ceramic pens £10 a pack of 6 – divided over ink use – £1 per necklace.

Heating – always difficult to cost under £1

Necklace chain – £1

Total time to create: 3 hours – Broken down as: 2 hours drawing, 1/2 hour cutting out and heating up, 1/2 applying protective coating and attaching necklace chain.

So there you have it, all the physical items and time put into creating a one off necklace laid bare so that you know a little bit more about what goes on behind the scenes of a completed item.

If you are interested in owning this little guy or interested in knowing more please do drop me an email at

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Feeling Like an Adult

1 Feb

There are points in life where you hit a milestone and you think to yourself “Wow, that was a really adult thing”.

The big things are obvious like your first serious relationship, renting or buying a property, getting married and having kids. They are all big life changing things that people tend to do when they are considered adults.

But what about those small things that you do?

I feel like an adult when I have to prioritise work or blurgh a house clean over playing computer games and ordering a pizza (I know which of the two I would much rather be doing!)

Organising Drs appointments and finding a dentists make me feel like an adult and again are jobs I would rather not have to do.

But it’s not all bad jobs that make you feel like an adult.

In the supermarket I was behind a family with two young children. They stopped and looked at some oreo doughnuts with amazement and awe and begged their dad to get them for them. The child in me knew I could have some fun with this, and the adult in me thought well if I want doughnuts I don’t actually have to ask permission. And so I bought those oreo doughnuts. In front of the dad. Causing the children to argue even LOUDER that they wanted the doughnuts.

Yes it was mean of me, and yes I did get such a look from the dad as they lined up after me to pay for their shopping. But you know what? I got home and I enjoyed that doughnut. Those two kids really did miss out. So being an adult isn’t all bad.

Things they are a changing

28 Jan

2017 is set to be an interesting year in our house hold. We have a two year old who will be getting a new brother in April and have no idea how she will take all the changes that come with a new family member. But neither do we!

This will see me on Maternity leave again, something I didn’t do too well with last time as I am not cut out for the reduced contact with adults and earning my own keep. I know, I know, childcare and raising two children is a full time job and luckily I have a husband who understands the value of my family contribution but personally I also like to be bringing in.

To this length I usually start up a whole host of new projects and use the time to get ideas out and down ready to be played with.

The first has already come with the beginnings of a new Fable story called the Three Legged Rabbit. It has two lessons. One of the Rabbit who does not give up despite their change in fortune when all seems hopeless. The other, of humans who are oblivious to their own fortune and the lack of compassion or understanding of their impact on others.

I am also giving up on ebay and etsy for this year. Etsy takes up a full time jobs worth of time to keep up to date with everything and fresh looks to keep people interested and ebay is full of chancers. So, between a few physical craft fairs I am going to be leaning more on the blog building and the facebook page. For 2017 anything I create with a purpose of selling will be offered on a “pay what you feel” basis. I hope to teach people how much time and effort goes into projects and small scale creations and maybe then we can teach buyers the true cost of products. Hopefully bit by bit we as creators can stop undercutting each other and selling at a price which barely covers materials.

With all of this don’t be surprised if you see some vegetable themed items popping up as I have chosen being 30 weeks pregnant as the PERFECT time to take on an allotment which is covered in grass and frozen solid. I have my seeds ready and now just need to wait for the frost to go and convince the husband to get digging.

So feel free to join me on this year of experimentation and learning.