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Strange creatures live in the Sea

1 Mar

After completing my Dragon Headed Caterpillar (The pattern for him can be found here- http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/dragon-headed-caterpillar) I moved onto the ocean. I am limited in my wool colours for the moment so am finding ones which fit what I have.

I thought I wouldn’t find much for bright pink in the sea but how wrong I was!

Enter the Axolotl – Mexican walking fish. Cute and bright pink I cant find anything not to like about this little guy. And so began the pattern drafting, working out which shapes were needed and working through the pattern and remembering to write it all down before I got ahead of myself. This doesn’t always happen when I am excited to create a new pattern!

He’s another small one measuring about 12cm head to tail. Keep your eyes open for the pattern available soon! I may even work him up a little Mexican sombrero to go with his name 🙂

Giraffe in a Scarf

3 Feb

Hi there!

So I said this year I will be posting items I create as a pay what you feel opportunity.

The first item being featured is a one off giraffe in a scarf necklace. I love this cosy warm little guy who is based on a larger A3 image I have drawn.

A little about him.

The pendant has been created by hand drawing the image onto shrink plastic. It was drawn about 10cm by 15cm large with the knowledge it would shrink down to roughly half that size. Pens used are ceramic pens which I find are the best tool for this type of work. Permanent markers can risk colour bleeds and smudging after the heat process and before applying the sealant coating.

How do creators cost up? When looking at costings and why it is so difficult is in the value of your time creating.

The base costs of creating this necklace lay in materials –

Shrink plastic £1 a sheet

Ceramic pens £10 a pack of 6 – divided over ink use – £1 per necklace.

Heating – always difficult to cost under £1

Necklace chain – £1

Total time to create: 3 hours – Broken down as: 2 hours drawing, 1/2 hour cutting out and heating up, 1/2 applying protective coating and attaching necklace chain.

So there you have it, all the physical items and time put into creating a one off necklace laid bare so that you know a little bit more about what goes on behind the scenes of a completed item.

If you are interested in owning this little guy or interested in knowing more please do drop me an email at tragictomatoes@hotmail.co.uk.

Whilst you’re at it why not follow me on facebook to keep up to date with items that are in the making and what to look forward to coming up.


Burn all the things!

10 Feb

Recently my other half bought me a pyrography burning kit. What with all the DIY I have been doing over the past year I have a few off cuts of wood that are of no use to me. 

Until NOW!

I had a think about what I wanted to do as my first practice burning. I don’t go in for this “try just a small patch, practice a few strokes” malarky, no I want to go in at the deep end! So I riffled through a few of my old illustrations and came across one that I thought would work nicely on wood.

It took a few hours but here it is. I always say I need to take better photos and it is true for this piece as well as you lose a fair bit of the detailing. 


I highlighted some of the trees with white ink to complete the snow look and love how the burning and the ink work together. I think I am going to enjoy doing some more burnings…now I just need to find some more interesting wood with a bit more character rather than leftover floorboards.

Also great as this little guy gets to be the first piece for my first ever craft stall and has already received a commission for another piece to be created for a new house warming present! yay 🙂