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You don’t need to get a man in to do that!

24 Apr

When I did some research into finding a handy man, I found many that offered cat flap installation services. I always thought how hard can it be to install a cat flap? Turns out not very hard and where I could have spent £40 for an hour min to have a man round, I instead spent 10 mins on the kitchen floor and have a nicely installed cat flap! 

If you have a glass door then things become difficult as you need glass cutters which I don’t have and wouldn’t want to mess around with in a whole door. However a wooden etc door then look at the following for a how to.

1. Read the instructions (I say this as some models may be different but mine was the Sureflap electronic microchip cat flap)

2. using the back part of the flap mark out on the door where you intend to install it, make sure it is not too high up as some cats will have trouble getting used to a first time catflap.Image

Once you have measured out the area (by tracing the shape of the catflap) drill a hole where the two side screws will go and a hole in the centre of the hole. Once you have this whole, using a jigsaw cut outwards to the edge and carry on until the hole is complete.Image


3. Once you have your hole cut out make sure the cat flap tunnel fits in it, if it is too small then cut out a little bit more from the hole where needed. Always cut in small amounts at this point as it is easy to cut more if needed.

4. Place cat flap, screw into place and make sure it is secure and there you have it! Image

That really isn’t worth getting a man in and is a very easy job. My husband was surprised to see I had it done in the time he was upstairs getting dressed to help me. 

I also know that it will be easy to uninstall and reinstall when we get around to buying a new fancier kitchen door that isn’t plastic.