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Keep on patterning

15 May

IMG_3154Monday’s can be lacking in motivation but after a productive weekend I set to a small project whilst I plan my next big creation.

From starting this guy I thought I had a plan. But that’s the thing about plans, sometimes you have to adapt to them. A shape doesn’t look how you planned so you either start again or just go with the flow.

and so here we are! With arms long enough to cuddle up warm or long enough to reach the highest shelf, he will never be short of affection or a hug when he needs it most. IMG_3149

If you want to know how he’s made or any other patterns that are on their way then please, check out my Kickstarter. I’m looking to fund a website set up to create a one stop shop for access to my on going projects and free patterns.

The first pledge has been made so why not join them and receive some awesome things as a thank you!


A few more patterns

12 May

A small update for today and its to showcase a few more images of patterns that will be made available for free if I make my Kickstarter goal and get my website up and running.

Like what you see then please help and donate. You get some great goodies with each goal. So please, check out the project and if you don’t like crochet yourself please let anyone you know who does enjoy some geeky crochet goodness know about it to share the love!



Two weeks until Craft Day

20 Nov

I now have just over two weeks until my first craft fair. This means I am manic, working away to get enough wood burnt chopping boards prepared, business cards printed and all those other little bits of admin sorted. All on top of being now 29 and a bit weeks pregnant.

The next big job will be working out pricing and printing clear labels to avoid any confusion and make shopping easier for people just glancing through. Everyone hates asking how much something is.

I have worked on a new logo for myself which I will print onto some paper bags as a brand builder. It still needs a little work but I think I am happy with the overall idea of it. label

So yeah stay tuned for some updated photos of chopping boards, art work and other items that are available.

What do you want?

9 May

Agghh where is this year going? 

It has come to me that I have 6 months now to prepare for my first craft stall. I did have 11 months. I have 6. And I have no stock. 

Then it came to me that part of the reason I don’t have anything decided is because I don’t know what people actually want or look for when visiting craft fairs! It’s like when I am asked what I want for dinner. This question is far too broad and I am left thinking of all the possibilities as I flick from burritos to mac and cheese to a fancy chicken and red wine jus to a microwave pizza. It’s endless. And we usually end up with humus and pitta which is less than inspiring. I don’t want humus and pitta!

I want a three course meal with champagne and after dinner chocolates with a glass of port when people come to my stall! 

So I put the question to you lovely people who wonder by with what would you like to see on a craft stall where the owners main selling point starts at “Original illustrations”. 

It’s broad, it’s undefined and I have 2meters of table to fill. O and its in December so CHRISTMAS!

Postcards, prints, gift boxes with special designs on, wood burnt goods such as Christmas tree decorations and chopping boards. What can you think of that I haven’t even considered? Please, throw your ideas at me, whisper them to me on the wind, write a haiku;

If that’s how you roll 

Such ideas I am seeking 

A banquet of thoughts!


A little break from drawing

28 Apr

Sometimes in life you take a break because you need it.

And then there are times you take a break from something because you went to town, saw a fabric shop had a sale one and bought lots of cute new fabrics and you cant wait to make that new skirt you have been meaning to for weeks. Such is life. 

So I spent my weekend finally making a new skirt. I was really good and ironed everything I should, followed the pattern as written…then realised the zipper was on back to front. But it will stay that way because I cannot be bothered unpicking all that time for something that works and only I know its wrong.

I now have a lovely summer French patisserie based skirt and nowhere to wear it as the weather has gone cold and damp again. But it has pockets! Everyone loves a skirt with pockets!

ImageCan the keen eyed among you spot what’s on TV behind?


Sherlock and other news

15 Jan

Already it is the middle of January. Where has that time gone? I have had some fun doing a few ideas and have those scanned in ready to be finished off on the computer but that is a lot of work and I don’t really get on with digital work and so in my procrastination and instead of getting on with those I decided I wanted to start an A3 Sherlock Holmes – Benedict Cumberbatch piece. How could I not when sat watching the newest season?

The husband doesn’t like the style (and after watching a recent episode of Invader Zim shall for a while be known as my love pig) but I am forging ahead with it as it is growing on me and although it can look a bit weird being sat face next to it for hours at a time, when I take a step away it is all fitting into place. 

So bring on a few more evenings to finish this guy:



And in some exciting news I got an email back to say my application for a craft stall to sell some original artwork has been accepted for 6th December! Now beings the work to think up some new pieces to do and look into finding a printing company for cheaper prints to be made available. 2014 is going well so far 🙂 

Refurbished Coffee Table

26 Aug

In our flat we had a huge manly solid oak block coffee table. It was chunky and took up so much space! Once moved into our new house, it remained the same huge beast taking up its pride of place in front of the fire place blocking all the heat so it was time to look for a new table. 

Having sunk most of our money into house hold items and DIY this year I thought why not look into a second hand furniture shop to give refurbishing a go and so we headed over to the YMCA in Tunbridge Wells. There is some beautiful huge old furniture in there but again the thing there is huge! 

Eventually after a few Saturdays of looking Jonathan  stumbled across this horrible table for £10ImageI wasn’t sure what to do with it but for £10 why the hell not, even if it had a few little edges missing.

I thought on the idea of painting the table cream and doing some sort of black detailing and went to Homebase to get the things I needed, taking advantage of the Bank Holiday discounts they always have – I have never shopped there when everything is full priced!

Tools purchased: Cream and Black satin wood paint, clear wood varnish.

Then it was off to the sewing shop for a cushion pad and fabric as we wanted to make a comfortable bed for the cat to put on the bottom shelf. 

Items purchased: Rectangle foam pad and 1.2 meters of upholstery fabric. 

By this point the price has increased further than I had wanted to pay….£30 for the paint and varnish and an eye watering £30 for cushion pad supplies.

Nether the less I set about a light sanding of the table and applied the first layer of cream paint. 

ImageI was already amazed how different our ugly table was looking!

Next up came a second layer and a day later after drawing up what writing I wanted on the top and in what style I cut the stencils for my lettering out and placed them on the top (turns out what I had thought was dead centre wasn’t….but I guess I will learn to measure better…ok measure at all rather than judge by eye, patience is not my strong point).

A night of drying later I made my cushion in the meantime, cutting the foam to size and sewing the fabric in place tightly over it. 

And after all that work we have our new finished table which I am really happy with and think it looks amazing in the living room helping to lighten the space dramatically.



Although it ended up costing around £60 – £70 mark, I think something similar in the shops would have set us back over £100 so I am defo happy that Jonathan found the perfect table for this project 😀