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The Creating Process – Part 1

3 Jun

I promised a few updates with the next drawing and here is the first one! Everyone has a different way of working and finding what works for them. Even when you think you have the perfect working system, always keep your eyes open for anything new that might also work in an exciting way for you!

At the moment I am enjoying using Canason A3 paper and the trusty old mechanical Roting Tikky 0.5 pencil. These are my base items for creating final pieces.


Before I get to any of that I will search for images to back up any ideas I have to find the right composition on the computer. I use gimp for a lot of this as I like the ease of moving things around and basic function use. I don’t do much digital art just because I don’t enjoy it and it shows. So I can’t rate gimp for the more involved functions. But if all you need is a layering tool to mess around with what works where then this is perfect for you, and FREE!

Once that is all set and I am happy with how things look I will sketch it all out onto my paper. I will generally do this cross legged on our sofa watching what ever show we happen to be into at the time – if interested it’s IZombie on Netflix. Yes at is bare bones its a police detective show but it’s still enjoyable and a good take on one.

I have a large piece of light weight wood that I use to lean on for this stage. I do have a proper drawing table but as yet I don’t tend to use it too much.

So for this I am working on a Sweet (Potato) Dreams motivation poster. The sketch stage is completed and I will update with the next stage! I will also sketch at my non illustration job where I have just a standard office desk set up, as indicated by the ruler and calculator, all exciting stuff!




New drawings ready

1 Jun

The days are getting longer and I am getting closer to my first exhibition. It’s a small one, in our local Community Centre within the cafe area. Although not big, it does get a fair amount of through fair and eyes seeing works so I’m excited.

This means I am busy at the moment creating new peices on a weekly basis and updating the website with previews of them all. Some are on the etsy page.


In preparation of the show I will do a few new blog updates with some in process pictures to show the various stages of completing a drawing, from the idea stage to the completed piece.


That leaves this as not that interesting a blog update, but an update it is of the hopefully more interesting posts still to come!

Want me to answer any questions in the lead up? If you have anything you want to know specifically about process or idea generation please get in touch.

Looking for an Illustrator?

13 May

Today’s topic comes about from the amount of emails I receive that all feature the same thing. A brusque one line email “I am looking for an illustrator, are you available?” These emails have no introduction, no hello, no name, and no idea what the project is. They lead you to ignore them as they run along the same theme of many scam emails. If I reply to this email asking for more details, am I just confirming that this is a live email address ripe for more junk emails and scam attempts?

If you are truly looking to take on an Illustrator try and include more details. Things that I like to see in an email are:

Introduction – A hello from you and where you came across my details.

What your project is – Give a description of your project. It doesn’t need to be in depth for an intro email, just whether its a full comic, a one off illustration, a logo that kind of thing.

What you are expecting from me –

  • What do you need created, a number of illustrations, a one off?
  • A time scale! When do you need the project competed by? If you set an unrealistic time goal then the level of detail and work able to be put in might not live up to your expectations. Leave your Illustrator time to create something to the specs you require.
  • Budget. No-one likes talking money, it’s almost a taboo to suggest that you will pay for a service but being upfront from the start avoids problems down the line. Illustrators will not work for free or with the promise of future promotion of their work.

I generally don’t like attachments in an opening email as I still don’t know the source they are coming from and will avoid opening them until later emails and a string of conversation has been started.

All these things give me more of an idea of what you are expecting from me and whether I would be able to take on your project. It starts a line of conversation and makes me want to reply back as I know I am not wasting my time on an email that has been bcc’d to hundreds of people and replies are going to be easily ignored.

After all that, if an Illustrator replies back to you and you decide you no longer require their services, email them back! It sucks taking the time to reply back to a request and then to hear nothing. Everyone is busy and yes you may have contacted several illustrators but just take that extra minute to do the common courtesy of at least acknowledging the reply you receive. Even if it is to say that you no longer require their services and to thank them for their time.




The Girl Who Carried A Mountain

15 Apr

It’s here. I’ve finally finished this book! Looking back I know I’ve made some mistakes in my work methods but I realise that and can improve for the next book. I need to keep momentum going and don’t let a month or so pass before getting back into the swing of things. It helps keep everything more fluid and natural.

But here it is for all to judge as is the way of the internet but also hopefully to enjoy. Going back to the simple idea of fables and of lessons to be learnt.


If you buy it and like it then please do let others know, word of a mouth is a powerful tool.Cover two pages

The First hurdle

17 Jan

The Girl Who Carried A Mountain has been live for one evening and we have our first backer! Also good news, it isn’t my mum!

Why not see what has interested them and take a look over at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1968969382/the-girl-who-carried-a-mountain?ref=discovery

Follow the story aimed at children that sees a young girl carry the weight of a lost mountain on her shoulders.

Page 4 COLOUR Logo

Two weeks until Craft Day

20 Nov

I now have just over two weeks until my first craft fair. This means I am manic, working away to get enough wood burnt chopping boards prepared, business cards printed and all those other little bits of admin sorted. All on top of being now 29 and a bit weeks pregnant.

The next big job will be working out pricing and printing clear labels to avoid any confusion and make shopping easier for people just glancing through. Everyone hates asking how much something is.

I have worked on a new logo for myself which I will print onto some paper bags as a brand builder. It still needs a little work but I think I am happy with the overall idea of it. label

So yeah stay tuned for some updated photos of chopping boards, art work and other items that are available.

A short break

25 Jun

I apologise for things being so quiet on the home front! I recently had a week away in Krakow which was very nice but meant I got no work done as I concentrated on relaxing and seeing the sights. There may have been some vodka involved as well at some point….

But! Onwards we go and I have a few new bits and bobs in the pipeworks that have been sketched and scanned and are awaiting computer tidying and the likes.

I may do a separate update on another part of life that is happening but will probably not interest people here for the drawings or questionable DIY skills.

So if you have a second to spare check out my etsy which I am keeping running whilst working on a new website, you never know there may be something you would love to have on a wall of your own!