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Firefly Time

5 May

It has been a while since I have had time to do a mash up piece but here it is Adventure Time meets Firefly for an excellent adventure time! 



Now its time to head outside and enjoy this bank holiday sunshine by doing some cutting of MDF in the garden for our new wardrobe.


Avengers Assemble!

31 Mar

We have had some good years now of Superhero based films and whilst I started out not really caring about them I have grown closer to them and now appreciate their individual special attributes and personalities and have learnt to love them.

I got to see the new Captain America film on Friday on a well timed day off work so had the cinema to ourselves at lunch time and really got to enjoy the big screen feeling without all those other people ruining it with phones and popcorn and whispering (and no-one could judge us for doing the same). 

I went home and got to drawing creating a mash up I really enjoyed doing! Toothless, meet the Avengers, Avengers, Assemble! 


It is also amazing how much better about something you can feel when something you love and have put time into makes others happy and I have reached my highest notes on tumblr for this one still a puny 40 but more than 1! I will take that as a win!

Original A3 available for sale. 


Big Daddy Mashup

5 Sep

Recently I have been doing some illustration mash ups of two different shows that are in some way related, either by a play on the words as such with Dr Gru, or with character names. 

In the Bioshock games (play them, they’re fun!) there is a character called Big Daddy. The same name is used in Kick Ass 2 so it only seemed natural to mash the two together to create my newest ink drawing. Image

A4 bristolboard and ink illustration for sale for those interested in such things! 

Dr Gru

27 Aug

I was recently commissioned to do a final piece of a sketch I drew up of a mash up of Dr who and Despicable Me. That Birthday has now been and the present has been gifted so I can now share a scan of the image without spoiling a surprise 🙂 

I am chuffed with how this one turned out as its just fun and light-heartedImage. Plus I think Lucys legs look cracking! 

I currently have open slots for other mash up commissions so if you are interested please drop me a message. Keep your eyes peeled for the Bioshock and Kick Ass mash up coming soon!