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A weekend of T-shirts and printing

16 Mar

This time last year there had been snow and I had enjoyed a few days off work with no trains. I have not been so lucky this year but we have been lucky with a lot of sun so there is no excuse not to be out in the garden creating new exciting things craft wise.

There have been a few failures to get to this point with 2 failed screen printing tests, some not so great t-shirt results but they are here! Original Skull Mice t-shirts. 

The first few will be going at a lower price until I can get some packaging sorted so grab yourself a bargain – An original hand screen printed t-shirt with original illustration. Currently only available direct from me either online or at Craft fair venues. £15 with free P&P for all facebook followers – http://www.facebook.com/bexonwhite. Sizes XS – XL with the fit on the slightly larger size so if you are usually a small, the XS would be suggested. 



Please email me at tragictomaotes@hotmail.co.uk with any questions or requests for t-shirts.

I have also been busy putting some original drawings and bits on ebay, there are some gooduns all starting at the lowest price I can sell them to cover materials. 






Screen printing

13 Mar

It has been another week of working and fitting in some of my own interests and I have finally gotten closer to a successful screen print. Its not perfect. But you can see the idea of what I am trying to do and the design didn’t disintegrate so that is an improvement. ImageImageA few areas have been missed where the screen filler has not stuck so I will need to go back and re do those areas and scratch parts away elsewhere. But I see this weekend as a weekend of producing a run of these. 

I also have plans for a Sherlock screen print t-shirt based on this image:



If you have any interest in one of those drop me a message and I can give you an update when they are printed. 


In which I scan some sketches

23 Jan

I said in the beginning of January I would be trying to draw more and not judge the outcomes, I finally found some time to scan in a few sketches I had lying around for tattoo design ideas, some detail is lost but the idea of them are still viable. 


One also I think will make a pretty cracking T-shirt so expect to see some update screen print t-shirts available! On black and white t-shirts.


If you are interested to know when these become available feel free to drop me an email at tragictomatoes@hotmail.co.uk and I’ll keep you updated!