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25 Oct

Over the weekend I attended the last craft fair of the year. Only 300 people came through the doors but I made the most sales I have done. This was mostly due to the introduction of some decorated glassware I created and went down a storm.

I got to have a strange conversation with a lady whose husband had recently trimmed their bush by their house to look like a chicken and then ask me if I knew how to care for a taxadermadised tortoise…no. No I don’t.

I have a lot more ideas for glass decorations but really cannot start on any new work until I have at least tried to clear some space in my already cluttered art room. It is also really good timing to start getting a head start on your christmas shopping as I learnt on Saturday “ooo this drawing will be great for Steve for Christmas” “I don’t know, it looks a bit freaky” “Exactly! He will love it!!”

So if you want to see what glass ideas are coming up, grab yourself a bargain original art piece now and clear some space from my walls to decorate yours! Anything sold for over £10 now comes with a free random print whilst the stocks last. What could be better than that?





Spaced out

19 Sep

As the dark nights begin to descend that bit earlier our household is struck by the first bout of cold. A seven month old with a cold isn’t fun. Add on top myself also being full of it is double not fun. So whilst I’m hopped up on cold tablets and counting down the hours till bed, I find myself with a little time to take some really bad photos of my most recent paintings.

Still on the space theme, this time with some colourful nebulas. I am a little in love with the blue and green one and think I will leave it spider free. Now begin the thoughts of what can I be painting or drawing next…

New paintings are also up on my etsy page https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/248103341/original-acrylic-space-universe-painting?ref=listing-shop-header-3

Original Acrylic Space Universe painting

Invasion of the Space Spiders!

15 Sep

It’s that time of year where there are spiders everywhere. You either love them, hate them or can manage them unless they are over a certain size. I can handle money spiders. Those teeny tiny things you can hardly see. Unfortunately our house seems to have had an explosion of large unpleasant looking fellows who make me think we need to leave the neighbourhood. But I guess that’s what we get for living in a house that backs onto woodlands.

I am guessing the above has no small influence on my current painting mood which revolves around the concept that space is rather large and who knows that planets are not just the colourful ever moving backs of spiders. Arachnophobia on a Universal scale.

This introduces then the colourful universe paintings and a sly spider that almost goes unnoticed on the first look. You know kind of like when you walk out of your house in the morning and get that nasty spiders web right across your face and the thought of OH MY GOD ITS ON ME!

space 1 space 2


Painting Skills

4 Sep

Wow I have realised just how long it has been since I properly picked up a paint brush and created a full finished piece. It was a big learning experience to know that there are a lot of forgotten skills that I will need to relearn but have plenty of time to do so. This painting marks the first piece in my own show next year of drawings and scarily paintings.

I think the shows focus will be around nature and animals but with a twist to make them comical but any that I don’t think fit the overall feel of where I head with it will be up for sale early. There are always surprise originals in my etsy shop. Forgive the photography as the actual pieces are better than the photos as I can never get my head around photography it seems more a science than an art to me.

A small sneak peak of the final A3 piece.



Five a day

4 Apr


Sometimes having your five a day vegetables doesn’t have to be so painful. Sometimes it can be a colourful pain-free affair, especially if those vegetables are colourful paintings hanging on your wall. Simple but detailed black and white fruits and veg with contrasting bright colour backgrounds.

These will be available at my first craft stall of the year but also online in the run up. So grab a really good deal on some original art works, each painting is based on a different vegetable or fruit so even if you get three apples, they will all be different apples!


12 3 4

Bottle Top Paintings

2 Jan

Over Christmas I set myself a little project to use some of the bottle tops that were laying around and created some fun paintings with the aim of adding magnets to the back and adding some colour to our fridge.

The first set of ideas was to get some pokemon done as they are a go to thing when I am feeling less than inspired to create something of my own.

pokemon tops done

Next up was a fun game of fridge pac man! Lots of ghosts and game pieces! I’ll add a few cherries and other fruits to complete the game in the next few days.

pac man

Next up should be a few more bottle top paintings of my own design.

https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/BexWArt?ref=pr_shop_more  if you are interested in owning any of these for a cheaply price!

Refurbished Coffee Table

26 Aug

In our flat we had a huge manly solid oak block coffee table. It was chunky and took up so much space! Once moved into our new house, it remained the same huge beast taking up its pride of place in front of the fire place blocking all the heat so it was time to look for a new table. 

Having sunk most of our money into house hold items and DIY this year I thought why not look into a second hand furniture shop to give refurbishing a go and so we headed over to the YMCA in Tunbridge Wells. There is some beautiful huge old furniture in there but again the thing there is huge! 

Eventually after a few Saturdays of looking Jonathan  stumbled across this horrible table for £10ImageI wasn’t sure what to do with it but for £10 why the hell not, even if it had a few little edges missing.

I thought on the idea of painting the table cream and doing some sort of black detailing and went to Homebase to get the things I needed, taking advantage of the Bank Holiday discounts they always have – I have never shopped there when everything is full priced!

Tools purchased: Cream and Black satin wood paint, clear wood varnish.

Then it was off to the sewing shop for a cushion pad and fabric as we wanted to make a comfortable bed for the cat to put on the bottom shelf. 

Items purchased: Rectangle foam pad and 1.2 meters of upholstery fabric. 

By this point the price has increased further than I had wanted to pay….£30 for the paint and varnish and an eye watering £30 for cushion pad supplies.

Nether the less I set about a light sanding of the table and applied the first layer of cream paint. 

ImageI was already amazed how different our ugly table was looking!

Next up came a second layer and a day later after drawing up what writing I wanted on the top and in what style I cut the stencils for my lettering out and placed them on the top (turns out what I had thought was dead centre wasn’t….but I guess I will learn to measure better…ok measure at all rather than judge by eye, patience is not my strong point).

A night of drying later I made my cushion in the meantime, cutting the foam to size and sewing the fabric in place tightly over it. 

And after all that work we have our new finished table which I am really happy with and think it looks amazing in the living room helping to lighten the space dramatically.



Although it ended up costing around £60 – £70 mark, I think something similar in the shops would have set us back over £100 so I am defo happy that Jonathan found the perfect table for this project 😀