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37 Hours to go

9 Jun

The time is now really ticking down and with the second backer on board we are a step closer to seeing the kickstarter a success.


I’ve learnt a lot over the last month of taking clearer photos and getting more of a sense of self across with each design. I am not a corporation. I am a single person creating designs from my mind. Taking influence from the things I love and the place I live.

There are so many new designs floating around my head that I want to do that is why I would love to have a single place to list them all. I’ve tried etsy before but find myself losing interest as you have to fight so hard being directly compared to others that everything starts looking the same.

So if you love crochet and all things geek and nature then why not get on board early and be in the know for new designs and choose some great levels of support, each giving you plenty for your support.

You can also have a sneak peak of a few ideas from one page in the growing pile of thoughts. With more from the seven deadly sins dolls, a brave deer knight, a second Horizon Zero Dawn robot and much much more.

Please have a look at the kickstarter and I will see you over there! It would be great to have more on board to share the love of crochet and begin the next year on an exciting footing.



Patreon and Patterns

19 Apr

I have been busy this week creating pattterns for smaller items to give my mind a rest from too much hard work. You’ve seen the Grey Dwarves and I now have an army of small chickens!


All this has lead me to Patreon as a way of hopefully getting into direct contact with people and finding out what they actually want to see made and then creating patterns from there.

It’s an exciting experiment and if you want to see more of what I am creating and be part of the process then please, check me out and pledge. Even the smallest amount helps! You will have my utmost gratitude and happy thoughts for helping and maybe together we can travel a world of crochet creations.


Move over Sarah & Duck, Flamingo is where it’s at

10 Feb

My daughter may only be two but she already shows preferences for things she likes. Bedtime will consist of watching one episode of Hey Duggee before teeth brushing and bed time story.

We will also sometimes be asked for Duck, which is Sarah and Duck. Holly which we have learnt is Ben and Holly. I have no idea where she has learnt about this one as it is not something I have ever seen on tv.

Whilst these are on some of the characters appeal to me. Sarah and Duck have some delightfully weird characters but I have to say along with Plate Girl, my other favourite is Flamingo. So I settled down in the evenings to write up a pattern to make my own crochet Flamingo.

With pipe cleaners in his legs and head, he is sturdy yet has a bit of bend to him, allowing him to sit down when the legs are flattened out.

He took a good few hours to work out how he would all fit together, what sizes all the components needed to be to work together. But they were all worth it when he got a big cuddle from my daughter – “Love Mingo”

Pattern is now available in word written and excel colour coded diagrams as part of my pay what you feel yearly challenge.

Payment to tragictomatoes@hotmail.co.uk stating which crochet pattern you would like and receiving email address. Follow up support available if you get stuck or confused at any point in the pattern.

Don’t forget to also follow me on facebook for all up to date goings on!¬†https://www.facebook.com/BexonWhite/