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A little break from drawing

28 Apr

Sometimes in life you take a break because you need it.

And then there are times you take a break from something because you went to town, saw a fabric shop had a sale one and bought lots of cute new fabrics and you cant wait to make that new skirt you have been meaning to for weeks. Such is life. 

So I spent my weekend finally making a new skirt. I was really good and ironed everything I should, followed the pattern as written…then realised the zipper was on back to front. But it will stay that way because I cannot be bothered unpicking all that time for something that works and only I know its wrong.

I now have a lovely summer French patisserie based skirt and nowhere to wear it as the weather has gone cold and damp again. But it has pockets! Everyone loves a skirt with pockets!

ImageCan the keen eyed among you spot what’s on TV behind?



Avengers Assemble!

31 Mar

We have had some good years now of Superhero based films and whilst I started out not really caring about them I have grown closer to them and now appreciate their individual special attributes and personalities and have learnt to love them.

I got to see the new Captain America film on Friday on a well timed day off work so had the cinema to ourselves at lunch time and really got to enjoy the big screen feeling without all those other people ruining it with phones and popcorn and whispering (and no-one could judge us for doing the same). 

I went home and got to drawing creating a mash up I really enjoyed doing! Toothless, meet the Avengers, Avengers, Assemble! 


It is also amazing how much better about something you can feel when something you love and have put time into makes others happy and I have reached my highest notes on tumblr for this one still a puny 40 but more than 1! I will take that as a win!

Original A3 available for sale. 


Summer planters

14 Jul

My husband said to me one day that he would like a rustic wooden planter and I thought “how hard can that be?” A quick shop around B&Q and I found the wood and nails I needed with a nice pot of Cornflower Blue outdoors paint. 

The tutorial for doing it is only being explained here as I only have the two end pieces photographed as I thought too late to take more. 

1. Measure and cut wood to know how many planks you need – 4 per side then how high you would like it.

2. Place planks on your designated leg wood and cut out, either leaving space for feet or flat on the floor

3. Cut legs to size.

4. Nail in wood to legs – a handy tip is that if you find the wood harder to nail when doing a different side, it helps to rest the leg on a side edge to stop it moving and when connecting the final piece, having a big bit of wood inside to hammer against. Always be careful with hammers as you can and may hit your finger!

5. Size up the bottom and nail in the base 

6. PAINT! You can go more down to earth like the cornflower blue or…brighten up your garden with a fantastic pink!!!



After having more of a practice with these, I am hoping to hit a craft fair for the first time ever with a few of them