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Screen printing

13 Mar

It has been another week of working and fitting in some of my own interests and I have finally gotten closer to a successful screen print. Its not perfect. But you can see the idea of what I am trying to do and the design didn’t disintegrate so that is an improvement. ImageImageA few areas have been missed where the screen filler has not stuck so I will need to go back and re do those areas and scratch parts away elsewhere. But I see this weekend as a weekend of producing a run of these. 

I also have plans for a Sherlock screen print t-shirt based on this image:



If you have any interest in one of those drop me a message and I can give you an update when they are printed. 



Sometimes you have to fail

3 Mar

I have been waiting patiently for a new order of screen printing goodies to arrive and now that they finally have I set about creating a printed t-shirt. It was all going so well. I created my pattern on the stencil, I filled it in….I did more than one sweep and my whole design was absorbed into nothingness. 


Lets try this again! Draw image onto canvas, check.

Let dry properly. Check.

Fill in. Let dry for what I think is enough time. Check.

Rinse with water. Check.

Print onto t-shirt and remove…check….o damn that did not work! Image

With 5 more days of work imposed on me until the next weekend I intend to sketch image one evening, let dry. Fill on second evening, let dry, rinse out on 3rd evening, let dry. Screen print on Saturday. Then I will either celebrate or cry depending on the results of that experiment!